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You get me, I get you. I love that about Us…

Who We are

Breakloo.com is focus on Wishbone, Backbone, & the Funny bone. We Utilized Technology to bring results to grow our Clients Businesses with Happiness. We provide the professional services having the team of expert designers, marketing professionals, web developers that can drive your business towards the desired destination and take you where you want. 

I Think you are Suffering from a Lack of Vitamin ME.

What is Breakloo

Breakloo is a Platform to Gain Professional Freelancing Services. 

Our Missions

We try our Best to Grow our Client Business.  Our mission is to Convert a Visitor into a Happy Customer.

our Vision

We try to Create Economic and Online working opportunity to our Visitors/Subscriber of the Global World.


Our Personal Goals are to be Happy, Healthy and Patient with our Life.

Successful Members

Our Team

I'm the CEO!!!

Hamza Rajpoot

Hamza Rajpoot, CEO & Co-Founder of Breakloo.com, Hamza Rajpoot is a Pakistani young entrepreneur with years of experience in business growth, technology, development, digital marketing and networking.

I'm the COO!!!

Qamar qiaz

Qamar Riaz is a Pakistani Developer, and a professional Business Developer and strategic planner. who has been working in the industry for the past 2 Years.


hamza Rajpoot

Hamza Rajpoot CEO & Co-Founder of Breakloo.com, 5+ years of experience in Technology and Development. Hamza Rajpoot Worked as a Web developer and Blogger in different ways. Hamza Rajpoot  is Expert in Business Development, conversion optimization, and revenue generation.

Hamza Rajpoot is determined to create Pakistan an Digital hub by empowering the youth with an entrepreneurial mindset. He wants to give back his knowledge to bring a positive change in Pakistan to encourage people to start their own  business and help build the economy of Pakistan.

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