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Break the limits of traditional marketing with Breakloo Digital Marketing. Our innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology will take your business to new heights. Let us help you navigate the digital landscape and reach your full potential.

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Breakloo is a full- sercice digital marketing agency with correspondences in the international sphere. Our designs are creatively designed using the cutting edge technology and according to the customer specifications.

In other words we serve our best to small scale businesses to large scale businesses equally. We not only create websites to represent your business, we help it advance too through our internet marketing solutions.

Our Services

By providing solutions, our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in improving brand recognition and engagement.

Our main Agenda


We’re on a mission to spread our Breakloo Brand across the world, and we want to introduce the Breakloo to as many people as possible, so that we can establish a strong market position and compete with others by providing high-quality services and solid marketing strategies.


Breakloo is to be the premier digital marketing agency known for delivering innovative and effective solutions that drive business success. We see a future where we empower businesses to connect with their audiences and reach new heights of growth and revenue through our expert digital marketing services. We continuously improve and evolve our strategies to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Meet Our Team

Hamza Rajpoot, Breakloo CEO

My name is Hamza Rajpoot, by passion I am a developer and digital marketer. I have always been passionate about creating businesses and empowering intellectuals in digital marketing. I have extensive experience in this industry, both as a leading digital marketer and as a brand builder.

Experienced in operations management, B2B, B2C, project management, web development, social media, and online business,Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


Hamza Rajpoot

M. Qamar Riaz, Breakloo CFO

I am Muhammad Qamar Riaz. I am driven professional with passion for innovation and business growth. Skilled in delivering impact through strategic thinking and collaboration. Always seeking new challenges.

As Co-Founder and CFO at Breakloo Digital Marketing Limited, I have extensive experience driving business growth through strategic financial planning and collaboration. As CEO and Co-Founder at Global News Webcast, I have extensive experience delivering impactful content through strategic thinking and collaboration.


Muhammad Qamar Riaz