Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs enable businesses to partner with individuals or other businesses who promote their products/services for commissions or rewards.

Straightforward Commissions

Our commissions over our services are straightforward.

Access Your Conversions

We give you access to your Leads and Conversions to check your revenue anytime

Premium Support

Get support anytime from our amazing team for as long as you are an Affliate with us

High Conversion Funnels

Get support anytime from our amazing team for as long as you are an Affliate with us

1. High Conversions

When you send traffic our way, we work hard into converting them into users of our services. We have a team that is working hard via Campaigns, Live Chat, Customer Retargeting, incredible After Sales team. Our team goes above and beyond to get you your sales commission.

2. Higher Commissions than anyone!

We payout an up to 40% commission on product sales via Digital Time Savers. We give you the opportunity to earn high on sales being done through our service. Most companies will give you up to 5% commission on sales through their Affiliate Program

3. 60 Day Cookie – to give you more time to sell!

Most of our clients subscribe to more than one services depending on their needs in Digital Time Savers. With our 60 day cookie, we give you the chance to make money from any purchases they make through us for the first 2 months.

4. Trusted by High Ticket companies!

We are small yet trusted a lot by high ticket companies for the conversions we offer through our EQ Marketing techniques. We are highly trusted based on the work and intelligence we are able to offer to companies around the world with our leading know-how.

5. Hardworking Sales Team.

Unlike other small marketing companies, we take a lot of value in our Sales team and we work hard to get clients to convert into buying products from us for the services we offer. Not only that, we try to create an ongoing connection with our clients keeping them updated in our CRM and connecting with them regularly. Our team offering very fast inquiry, concern, or issue resolution.

6. A/B Testing that leads to more conversions.

At any given time, we’re running split tests to improve conversions on our site. Many of these tests result in improvements of 10-40%. That means you make more money, for doing nothing extra.

Likewise, our product is constantly evolving to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

7. Top Affiliate Advertising Material.

We give you the tools you need to succeed. Use our tested banners and advertising material to get your campaign going in no time.

8. Team that makes you look good.

Each referral sent to Digital Time Savers is treated individually. We take great pride in our in-person and one-on-one private consultations for our services. We look after all of our customers every single step of the way making you look good for referring them to us.

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