Complete Guide to Facebook Ads

Social media advertising is definitely a must to reach the targeted audience in this fast-paced competitive world.  Believe it or not, organic reach is harder to devise and even to achieve. Well, going viral without a little boost is barely possible.

Shifting from organic strategies to investing some real bucks sounds weird. But it’s worth it! However, it is pretty essential to understand all the social media channels.


What are your thoughts on Facebook?

Facebook is still the most frequently used social media platform to date. Despite the new players in the social media game, Facebook is still ahead in the race. Over 1 billion stories are posted every day across Facebook.

Well, knowing this means that running your ads on Facebook can get you a boatload of viewers, for which how to advertise on Facebook becomes an essential skill for advertisers.

With increasing technological advancement, people are connecting more on Facebook. It’s a platform that offers a variety of paid advertisements and organic posts, helping brands expose their products and services to a vast audience.

Over the last decade, with 2.91 billion active users, Facebook has surpassed all other social media and is now classified as the biggest marketplace. 77% of internet users actively use Facebook daily, helping brands reach an influential audience with several targeting options. It is a budget-friendly medium, making it an excellent platform.  Facebook allows you to get your message across to the right audience segment and those most likely to be interested in your product or services.  Keep reading to learn more about the ultimate guide to Facebook ads, helping you draft your first campaign.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are social media advertisements businesses use to promote their brand, creating brand awareness and visibility.

Demographics, location, interests, gender, and age are the few factors that Facebook ads are based upon, with a budget and bid of the ads being set by businesses for every click and impression received.

The ads are all similar to regular social media posts but include a sponsored label to classify themselves as an advertisement. They have attached several other features like CTA buttons, website links, and product catalogs.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Many Facebook ads are doing – serving as one the most effective tools to grow your business, create awareness, generate leads, and retain customers.  Before diving deep into the specifics of Facebook advertising, let’s learn about its pros to decide better how and why to pursue Facebook ads.  Honestly, there are tons of Facebook ad benefits your business can reap. From acquiring new customers to building better brand awareness, Facebook has helped many companies grow virtually.

Well, this is just the start of what it offers. Want to know more?

We are all here to give you the best insights. The list of benefits will blow your mind, and frankly, you will probably be missing a massive chunk of your audience if you do not leverage all the benefits of Facebook advertising.

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Customers spend a great time surfing Facebook

80% of internet users are using Facebook. Most users check their Facebook page more than twice a day.

Regardless of who your customers are, you know they are using Facebook. Hence, knowing that your customers use this platform daily is itself a benefit, making you realize the high probability of your brand visibility.

The most targeted platform 

The significant advantage is the ability of Facebook to reach the exact audience. With several factors and demographics, the audience can be dissected into various heads. This helps you have a better chance to engage with your perspectives.

Fastest mode

Facebook advertising is speedy and yields immediate results. It helps you reach thousands of people today, so for driving fast traffic and conversions, Facebook advertisement is your ultimate go-to thing.

Increases brand awareness, website traffic, revenue, and sales 

Facebook advertising significantly builds brand awareness and is a great tool to make people aware of your offerings. Moreover, it boosts website traffic by targeting your audience to divert them toward the website.  However, generating revenue and sales takes work with Facebook, so hiring a Facebook specialist is strongly recommended.

Facebook ads are measurable

There’s no guessing game here; Facebook gives you measurable results, and numbers speak for themselves. All the impressions, clicks, and conversions are clearly visible.

Engage the visitors 

Have you ever noticed a Facebook ad that appears shortly after scrolling a website? This is called a remarketing strategy, allowing you to advertise to recent web visitors.

This is how you can divert them to Facebook and engage with them, helping you boost your conversions drastically.

Assisting in building the email list

It fuels email marketing efforts, too, by capturing email contact through Facebook ads. Who doesn’t like hitting two targets while working for one?

Increase blog traffic

A blog yields nothing without traffic. Facebook ads outshine your blog to the masses and generate instant traffic. With this, you can gain more trust and credibility, helping you build a deeper connection with your audience.

Increase SEO rankings 

Search engines rely on social activities on your social media to rank websites. Facebook advertising can help your social activities, indirectly boosting your rankings.


Having a limited budget? No need to worry since Facebook advertising is super budget-friendly. By setting up a daily or lifetime budget, you can easily increase or decrease it. However, an advertising agency is recommended to avoid the hassle.

How to Set Up a Facebook Ads Account

  • Creating Your First Ad Campaign

To begin your first-ever campaign, you must go to the ads section in your Meta Business Suite account. Tap on to the create ad button, and you will start creating one.

From the various goals highlighted, you would have to choose goals as per your aim. Considering your business and what you look forward to achieving with Facebook ads guides your goal decision.  Regardless of the objective chosen, Facebook will charge you for the number of people your ad displays. Hence it becomes vital to communicate your goals and objectives to Facebook so that your ads can be effectively optimized.

For instance, if you pick increased traffic but are actually down for website purchases, you won’t be able to reach your desired goal as it was not chosen as your objective at the campaign level.

  • Targeting Your Audience

Targeting the right audience is the key to being successful with Facebook advertising. Build your target audience for ads by selecting the specific location, age, gender, and language. You can include or exclude several cities as per your preference.

In addition, you can set a priority for the ones who have just viewed or shown interest in your products or services.  With all the selection done, keep your eyes focused on the audience size indicator, helping you sense your potential ad reach.

Not just this, an estimated number of daily reach and page likes would also be visible. It’s high time for detailed marketing. Always remember selective marketing is effective in maximizing ROI. With detailed marketing, you can get really specific.

  • Measuring Success

Almost all businesses have Facebook pages for connecting with their audience and customers online. Increased engagement leads to a better chance of success. However, keeping track of success is equally important. An easy way to measure success is to look at your ad’s impressions, reach, and engagements with your Facebook ads manager.

Well, this isn’t a surefire way to measure success, but it is a good start. When it comes to metrics, some are more important than others. Generally, conversions are the most important for which you need to use a Facebook conversion pixel.

Expanding your audience simply means putting yourself at the forefront. The success can be gauged with answers to such questions as how many users the ad reached, the %age of your target reach, and how many times your ad was seen.

Bottom line:

Facebook continues to be the champ of all social media channels. More than just a virtual meeting place, Facebook has become a hub for businesses to market themselves.

With all the insights that must be integral to your start with Facebook advertising, your guide to Facebook ads ends.

All set to start your first Facebook advertising campaign? 

Promote your brand by reaching your target audience, choosing your personalized campaign settings, and designing your ads. Also, keep analyzing your ads and campaign performance by reviewing several performance metrics, including click-throughs, cost per click, and views, helping you lead to better advertising decisions.

Keep the details mentioned above in view when starting your first successful Facebook ad campaign.


Make the most out of the most powerful marketing tool.


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