How you made $85,463.23 Profit in 45 Days 

We’ll show you exactly how I launched a brand new Tik Tok Agency and created $85k of profit in 45 days.

Now close all tabs and pay close attention because if you’re looking to start a SMMA/coaching or consulting offer, you’ll be able to take golden nuggets out of this article, and understand how to approach this market, using a proven formula.


So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you who this Article is for:

  • If you want to start a SMMA/consulting/coaching business (agency owners) this is for you.
  • If you already run a consulting/coaching business, this is for you.
  • If you sell low-ticket courses and you’re stuck at $5 to $20k/month, this is for you.
  • If you run an Agency or sell a Done-For-You service but you’re having a hard time scaling with a DFY model, this is for you.
  • If you have any sort of expertise that you want to package and sell at a premium, this is for you.

Now let me also tell you who this Articel is NOT for:

  • If you’re looking to make a quick buck out of some kids on the Internet
  • If you don’t want to start a coaching/consulting business, this is not for you
  • If you don’t care about building good products and delivering good results, this is not for you
  • If you don’t have minimum viable competence in something that you can teach to somebody else, this is not for you

Now here’s the truth…


You can launch an online service based-business to a consistent $25k+/mo without much.

However, most agency owners and even people with big audiences are not capable of doing so because they don’t understand how to create an offer that their audience NEEDS and WANTS nor do they have a proven launch process that creates urgency in their prospects and gets them to buy a brand new offer.

We’ll show you exactly how to circumvent these issues and how we’ve helped over 25 agencies in a little under 18 months.

So who i’m,

And in case you don’t know me, my name is Hamza and for the majority of 2021, 2022 and 2023 till now all I did was sell marketing services, study the agency space, and build the infrastructure to deliver the best Growth Programme there is out there.

Now, let me tell you about the blueprint I’ve built, and that I apply to all the agencies I work with, regardless of where they stand in their journey.


Breakloo Growth Partnership Programme – Turning Business Into 7 Figure Worth

The 5-step process designed to take Business from 0-$100,000/mo in 6-10 months:


Step 1: Offer Refinement 

Step 2: Crafting/Refinement of Existing Sales Assets

Step 3: DFY Client Acquisition Mastery

Step 4: Content Marketing & Setup

Step 5: Systems & Processes       

Every Agency Based Business Is The Same


Now I don’t mean to say that Nike is the same as McDonald’s

What I mean is that every profitable agency follows a specific set of steps and has a specific set of pieces that makes it function.

These are:


1 – The Offer and Market they serve (Or the niche/sub-niche)

2 – The Funnel from which the offer and the market connect with 

each other (Ex: Shopify Sales Page, Clickfunnels Landing Page, etc…)

3 – The Outbound Acquisition Channel used to drive traffic to that funnel (Ex: Facebook, Twitter, Cold Email, Youtube, etc…)

4 – The Content they produce to leverage attention (Inbound)

5 – The Systems they have in place to sell, onboard, and communicate with clients


If you think about it, every successful agency has these 5 components;

And even more importantly, all of these pieces simultaneously influence each other.

Meaning that from start to finish each piece influences the next, making this what I like to call “The Agency Feedback Loop”

Now as I said, each piece influences the next, but how?


Here are a few examples:

“If we don’t know our niche well how can we create an offer that targets the exact problems the niche needs?”

“Or how can we tailor the messaging and content to address those exact problems and capture the attention of the niche?”

“How can we design a funnel that will be compelling and get people in the niche to take action?”


This can be extrapolated towards any step of the process.

The reason I’m explaining this to you is that the HTO Launch Formula is based on this feedback loop.

Now that you understand the thesis let me walk you through the exact process I implemented with Alex to generate a €85,463.32 Profit in 45 days, for his Agency:


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1 – Research and Preparation

Market Research

Now every business starts at the same point, with the market. (as seen above)

So our process starts with Market Research.

Unlike the majority of people who skip this step (hence why they make no money), we put heavy emphasis on Market research.

If we get this right, the remainder of the process is a walk in the park.

If we get this wrong, everything else will be an uphill battle.

Now here’s what most people do:

  • They look at competitors.
  • They do some funnel hacking.
  • They copy-paste someone else’s offer and funnel.
  • They have no idea why it works at a fundamental level
  • They put it out there praying it works.
  • They make little to no money.


  • They come up with a fresh idea
  • Sounds cool in their head
  • They assemble a new offer
  • They put it out there praying it works
  • They make little to no money


This is most people’s process of launching a new offer.

I’ve seen it over and over again. And it doesn’t work.

Why? Because you create offers, products, and services based on assumptions.

You’re assuming what people want or need, and that’s what you’re giving them.

As a result: 

  • Your offer doesn’t resonate and nobody wants it.
  • Your content and messaging don’t resonate and get no traction.
  • People who showcase interest are not the right audience for what you’re selling.
  • You jump on calls with unqualified people.
  • You make little to no sales as a result.

It boils down to making a bunch of noise and seeing what sticks.

Eventually, you’re bound to make something happen but there’s a better way of doing it.


Talk to the Market

Instead of doing all of the above and praying something sticks, we instead ignore all the noise and focus on the signal.

How? By directly talking to the market.


Because by directly talking to the market we’ll know exactly the pain points, goals, and roadblocks the market is currently experiencing.

Once you know these things, you can craft offers, messaging, sales letters, VSL, fulfillment, etc… that resonate with that market.

You literally create what people want from thin air.

You simply supply the already existing demand.

And if you have what people want, and you present it to them, they will buy.

“But how do you do this?”

Here’s exactly how I did it with Alex.


First, we picked a niche, and what makes a good niche?

  1. Purchasing Power
  2. Immense Pain
  3. Growing Market
  4. Easy to Access

Alex was into fitness, and supplementation, and even had had some previous experience as a personal trainer, so we put two and two together and went out there to find out the following two things:

1 – Find out exactly what the market is currently struggling with

2 – Setting up the stage for the upcoming launch

How did we accomplish this?

1 – By running these calls like discovery calls where we ask them strategic questions and gather all the information we need regarding pain points, goals, roadblocks, and objections directly from the market.

2 – By letting them know at the end of each call that we’ll be going “back to the drawing board” and drafting up a step-by-step training that will allow them to reach the goal they’re looking to reach.

After all was said and done we ran 27 interviews, with gyms, fitness brands, yoga studios, supplement brands, etc.

We took notes on every single interview.

In the end, we compiled everything into a Google Doc, and we had on a silver platter, all the common goals, pain points, and roadblocks the niche was currently having issues with.

By knowing all of this, I had crystal clear information on:

  • How to structure the offer.
  • How to structure the fulfillment of the offer.
  • How to set up the initial launch funnel.
  • What content to create to attract people to the offer.
  • How to structure the messaging in a way that would address pain points and create urgency for potential customers to act.

The stage was set.

Now we prepare.


Now the preparation revolves around 3 key things:

1 – Structuring the offer
2 – Structuring the fulfillment
3 – Building the launch assets

1-Structuring the offer

Structuring the offer was extremely easy because of the market research that was done.

I just used the Hormozi formula.

(End Result) in (Timeframe) without (Roadblock) + (Guarantee)

The End Result was easy. In our market research interviews we asked about their goals.

We just took the most common goal that came up in our interviews and made that our “End Result”.

The Timeframe was easy as well. In the interviews we also asked about timeframes, so we also just looked at the most common one and used it in our “Timeframe”.

The Roadblock was also easy. In the interviews we asked what these people have tried before and why it didn’t work. The most common objection we just add it as the roadblock.

And finally we slap a no brainer guarantee and we have our offer.

Notice how all of this is extremely easy to create because of the market research we’ve done before.

If you know what people want and you give it to them, people will buy.

Structuring the fulfillment

Same as structuring the offer, structuring the fulfillment is extremely easy.

On the interviews we asked “What have you tried in the past and why didn’t it work?”

We compilled all the answers and simply structured the fulfillment the solve and avoid all the roadblocks people have faced in the past.

We created a fulfillment structure that was designed to bring the customers the maximum amount of results in the shortest time frame.

Alex’s offer: 

Leveraging Tik Tok organic and paid traffic to bring brands in the wellness space, an additional 20-30% in MRR, or we don’t get paid


2 – Building the Launch Assets

This was obviously the most important part.

The Launch Assets are the core of this entire operation.

They are long-form pieces of content that will serve as the foundation from which we will do everything else.

Sales Letter & Landing Page

These were the first assets we built.

This letter serves a few purposes:

  • Make a bold claim/promise
  • Showcase proof to back up that claim
  • Give the background story of the person to build credibility and explain the reason why the prospect is reading the sales letter
  • Provide an original Thesis (aka a New Way of Doing things and achieving the promise)
  • Create a compelling sales argument as to why this Thesis is the correct way to achieve the bold claim.
  • Give them legitimate content that would get them to the bold promise (slower) if they used it
  • Create contrast between their current mechanism and the thesis mechanism
  • Make them an offer
  • Create legitimate scarcity and urgency for them to act on the offer

This is going to be the piece of content that will take the longest to produce.

It will also be the foundational piece of content we’ll always go back to for everything else.


3 – The Outbound Client Acquisition System

After the Sales Letter, comes the toughest part – acquiring clients.

Sure, having a Slam Dunk Offer makes it easier, but if you have no one to sell it to, it’s as good as nothing.

So, this is how we solved his issue:

  • We scraped the leads, monitored and implemented a Done For You email marketing system, fully managed internally ($500/mo)
  • We implemented and managed fully automated outbound campaigns (Twitter and LinkedIn – $150/mo)
  • We gave him the technical setup & templates for a targeted outbound client acquisition system, so he could do the outreach for his niche, himself

And so we were able to guarantee a minimum of 10 qualified appointments per month (usually double/triple)


4 – Inbound (Content Marketing)

Because we immediately saw that attention is king, we made Alex write up everyday on anything related to the pain points we uncovered, and how we would solve them.

We gave him these following tools, for LinkedIn and Twitter:

  • How to generate 100 pieces of unique content in 30 minutes
  • High performing thread templates 
  • Cold DM Scripts
  • Cold DM CRM Management & Appointment Setter Systems
  • Content Breakdown & Audits
  • Profile Audits
  • Sales Conversation Audits

Alex became a beast at writing, every Sunday he’d use our templates and tools to write hundreds of short & long-form threads.

On Mondays, we’d discuss with him how to improve that and convey his message better.


5 – Systems & Processes 

Our plan was working to perfection, Alex had a great offer, people were engaging with his content, and his funnel was converting all this interest to booked calls.

Point was – “How would we be able to close them?”

Sure, his offer was good, but it still took a lot to sell it to someone.

That’s when we created a script specifically for him, told him how to sell, and did mock calls to ensure he’d succeed in a real case scenario.

On top of that, we equipped him with the tools to onboard, communicate and nurture existing relationships with clients, by giving him access to our Go High Level snapshot, which made it extremely easy for him to scale.

This is what his calendar looked like 15 days in:

In 45 days we booked 137 meetings. At a 30% close rate, that’s:

– 41 clients in 6 weeks

Each client was on average paying $1,900 – $2,100.


The rest is history.

Now that you understand exactly how this process, We have an offer for you.

If you’re a:

  • Business Owner
  • Agency owner
  • Consultant
  • E-commerce Seller


We’ll do this entire process for you:

  • Market Research
  • SEO and Content Marketing
  • Building the Launch Assets
  • Sales


We’ll teach you how to do all of the above and help you implement the process yourself.

Speak soon.


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