Your work does add value to your life.

But not that much.

Especially if you are young, your life is mostly built by what you do after your work hours.

We work for 6 to 8 hours everyday. If I exclude the sleep time, we still have 8 hours of FREE time left.

That time has insane amount of potential to make you a fortune!!

The pro chooses the hard way out

You always become a pro first in your mind and then in the reality.

I believe that.

In your free time do you choose to watch Netflix or do you hone your skills? Do you choose to be casual or do you plan for your future?

A pro always chooses the hard path. Because despite being difficult it’s the most rewarding one.

A pro prioritizes ACCOMPLISHMENT over comfort.

It’s his lifestyle.

He does this everyday. And that eventually makes him a pro in the reality.

5 to 9 has the potential to make you a fortune

When you are working, you are working.

You are growing, making progress and finishing off the projects.

That’s right.

But what if you used your free time, I mean 5 to 9, to hone your skills, experiment and try out new things?

And what if those things turn out to be an advantage for you?

Would you regret? Definitely NOT!!

But wasting your time on shallow things and mindless entertainment guarantees you regret.

Not now. But sometime in the future.

Rest gives you energy. Chilling gives you comfort

We are humans.

So we need rest.

We need energy and recreation.

That’s a necessity.

But comfort? Why do we make comfort a necessity? It isn’t. It’s always optional. It shouldn’t be even a choice for you.

Like the top performers always say the BEST POTENTIAL is often found in people’s graves.

All because they chilled so much that they forgot to put that extra effort and energy into their dreams.

The youth years are meant to BUILD. Not chill.

Get this truth drilled into your mind!!

Once people get old, they just wish they could get more time

You won’t.

Once you are old, you will either be proud of your journey. Or you will simply regret over what you could have done.

You won’t be living for a thousand years.

Every minute counts.

Every action counts.

And just being a bit honest. You won’t have that energy once you get old. But today when you are young, the energy is unlimited. The spirit, hunger and curiosity. They just don’t have any limit.

Put them into the right direction!!

Final thoughts

Life has no meaning if you are not a MASTER of it.

The top performers are.

They CONQUERED their lives by conquering themselves. It didn’t just happen in a day, week or month. It took years.

They trusted the process. They just kept PRACTICING again and again and again.

Today they are the masters of their life.

Don’t you want to feel that accomplishment?

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